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Reasons why your online business is failing to thrive

Reasons why your online business is failing to thrive

It has become evident that online businesses are here to stay, as of December 2015 there were 3.26 billion internet users (according to the Hosting facts report), this is close to half of the world’s population! Furthermore, it was also proved that digital interactions influenced retail sales of up to 2.2 trillion in 2015 alone. All these statistics are great, but unfortunately a few factors could distract your online business from growing if you are not strategic.

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What really hinders YOUR online BUSINESS from growing?

  • Not investing in online visibility

Your business should come to sight when conversations that are relevant to your business come to sight, SEO needs to be right so that your website pops up when potential customers search for solutions to their problems: whether it is for purchases, research or entertainment. Due to competition, these goals are sometimes a task considering the vast number of sites competing for who gets seen and ranked on google.

You can also ensure that your business is listed on online directories depending on your business niche and needs, this will help put your business at the top of your list and get your business better visibility.

  • Your information is not as secure as you think

With so many people using the internet, attention to privacy and confidentiality is becomes imperative.

The use of a virtual private network (VPN)  is necessary, it assists with company privacy, prevents hacking, hides actual location, spamming and snooping by surveillance agencies and other cyber-attacks. Not all your information should be accessible, some things should be kept private to help fight against competitors.

  • Not maximizing social media in marketing campaigns

You need to be able to make the right people see your product and because most prospective customers use social media apps, your business should too!

Being visible on social media helps keep customers interested and eager to check out and buy your products. Make use of the competitive internet space so you stand a better chance, if your product is unique and you know how to swing social media to your favor then your business is a winner!

  • You are not sticking to what works

If you are making a lot of sales via Facebook, not getting traffic to your website through your blog and not pulling a crowd on Instagram the solution is to run more Facebook ads! There is no need to having a variety of efforts if you can optimize what’s working.

>>> “Boost what works for your company and milk it!”