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Signage- your silent sales agent!

Signage- your silent sales agent!

Why is signage an essential for your business?

If you were not aware, signage is a cheaper form of advertising as compared to radio, television and newspapers, so it can be used as a cost effecting marketing method which also succeeds in providing the following requisites:

  • Increases brand visibility, recognition and awareness.
  • Brings in new customers
  • Increases Profits (creates the best walk in customers.)

IMG 2759 1024x683 - Signage- your silent sales agent!

A sign that contains a creative and attractive logo can help any business stand out from its competitors and this is a plus because customers are more likely to buy brands they recognize. Signs help improve brand visibility, brand recognition and brand awareness, they are visible 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, this makes them highly effective and boosting future sales.

Exterior signs are placed outside to ensure that business location is recognised, this helps customers locate the business easily and can either be ground mounted or building mounted. Ground mounted takes a variety of shapes and sizes and are usually mounted near a road to attract attention from passing cars. Building mounted signs are attached to the business place and are useful where there is a lot of foot traffic such a downtown shopping area. Signs can also be placed around the city, including mobile advertising/vehicle branding and if done strategically and these will be highly effective!